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Ken Parker
Hillock Kennels is a proud member of these organizations.
Club for Bavarian Mountain Blood Hounds
The individuals and or companies listed below have graciously
elected to be sponsors of Hillock Kennels and our efforts to promote
the BGS, blood tracking dogs for recovering wounded animals and
our efforts to produce a top quality video on training a tracking dog.
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*Looks Like Leather, Wears Like Iron!*

*Permatack* Check cords come in any custom size up to 100'. They are sewn with a solid brass heavy snap or sewn with
a  Conway Buckle. Permatack does not stretch or tangle easily, slides easily through the brush and your hands (you
won't have to wear gloves). They wipe clean, so they always look good. Permatack doesn't pick up brush or a lot of sent,
like other materials. Permatack stays supple down to 40 below and is incredibly strong. The High Visible Orange is easy
to see in the brush and low light,* other colors include; brown, black and tan.* Lee's Permatack also makes 8' Jaeger
leads and 4.5' Handlers Leads, along with many other size leads, 3'Leads and 6' Leads, 1 inch Super Duty Collars,
along with many other custom items are available.
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