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and their personalities start showing we will then give them names.
Page 2 is the new page created for each dog and
their new life with their new owners.

Alphie von Hillock  

Alexander von Hillock

Adinia von Hillock

Arnold von Hillock

Archer von Hillock

Angus von Hillock

Akira von Hillock

Aden von Hillock

The Litter

Archer and Aden

Alexander and Alphie
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Alphie got her name because she is the beginning of our breeding program and the first born.
The name Alexander was chosen by my niece. Alexander was a Macedonian king and world
Angus got this name because he is stout and dark like an Angus bull. His name means strong
Akira means Intelligent. She just has that look about her.
Adinia is Hebrew for Lovely.
The origin of Archer's name is Teutonic meaning The Archer
The name Arnold is German for powerful like and eagle.
Aden is Hebrew for handsome and adorned.
Various pictures of puppies together.
Alphie went to John Hubbard of Houston, Texas.
Alexander went to Martin Gnip of Chappaqua, N.Y.
Adinia went to Kevin Oldenburg of Hemlock, Michigan.
Arnold went to Randy Vick of Pavo Georgia.
Archer went to Jerry Woodard of Dallas, Texas.
Angus went to Kevin Mohr of Orlando, Florida.
Akira went to Danna Spence of Sterlington, Louisiana.
Aden went to Steve Barron of Griffin, Georgia.
Aka Little Brown
Aka Tess Page 2
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