Hillock Kennels
The home of top quality Bavarian Mountain Hounds used
for blood tracking wounded game.
When the shot has been good and
"sometimes not so good"  and the blood
trail is faint, a quality tracking dog can
make all the difference in the world.
Here at Hillock Kennels (pronounced hil eck meaning a small hill
for we live at the top of a small hill) we are committed to
producing the highest quality Bavarian Mountain Hounds to be
found in the
United States. We accomplish this by testing for genetic
problems, competing in tracking test when they are available,
and real world tracking experience. Each year more and more
states are allowing dogs for blood tracking and recovery of
wounded game such as deer and bear. If you are thinking about
getting involved with blood tracking with dogs I hope you
consider the breed of choice for many professional trackers and
foresters of Europe  the scent tracking specialist  know as
Bavarian Mountain Hounds.
VODKA z Lesnej Wsysp
also know as "Baby"
Born 4-15-03
Photo by Dr. James Grady
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A Brief History of the Bavarian Mountain Hound
The Bavarian Mountain Hound is also known as the Bavarian
Mountain  Scent Hound (this is what FCI's translation is, Bavarian
Mountain Blood Dog ( which is the closest literal translation) and
even sometimes miss represented by being called a bloodhound. A
lot of the confusion about the name in English is that there are no go
English translations of Gebirgsschweisshund. Its German name is
Bayerische Gebirgsschweisshund. All Leash hounds are
descended from the original hunting dogs of Germany known as
Bracken. All pure Bracken dogs have the finest nose for following
ground scent and trail. They have a well developed will to follow a
difficult trail. The Bavarian Mountain Hounds ancestry can be traced
to around 1870 when Baron Karg-Bebenburg successfully crossed
the Hanoverian Bloodhound with the lighter Tyrolean Hound (Tiroler
Bracke) to create a lighter blood tracking specialist. This created a
more agile dog for the mountains of Bavaria. At first sight, it is
similar in appearance to the Hanoverian Bloodhound, but is shorter
and finer boned than the latter. The only recognized club for the
Bavarian Mountain Hound was created in 1912 in Munich, Germany.
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Pups available from Overseas
All pups are now spoken for.  It will
probably be 1 year before our contacts in
Poland have another litter. Out of 2 litters
we helped 5 lucky people acquire a BMH
pup. We will continue to try to locate  
dogs/pups that we fill will enhance the
quality and gene pool here in the
United States.
Check to see if blood tracking is
allowed in your state
United Blood Trackers state regs.
Always trust the Nose because the Nose knows
I was accepted as a member into the
Germany BGS club during their spring
conference. I am very pleased to be
one of only a few members located
outside of Germany and the European
On August 18th at Bear Country
Outfitters located in Griffin Ga.,  I will
be conducting 2 seminars in reference
to tracking dogs and theirs benefits to
hunters when it comes to blood
tracking wounded game with a dog.
The first session will start at 10 am and
the second will be around 2 pm. I hope
to also put on a couple of tracking
Pups available from us.
We are currently expecting to breed
late Feb. or early March. I have already
contacted many on my list to see if they
are still interested. My list is already
very long. But if you are interested
contact us as there will be some who
can not get a pup at this time or have
decided to go with another breed of
dog for blood tracking.
Hillock Kennels

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Ken Parker
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