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Ken Parker
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2007 tracking results
The 2007 tracking season was one of ups and downs. We had over 30 calls and were able to take 25 of them.
The others were passed off to other trackers in the area that we have developed a working relationship with. If
one tracker can not take a call then he passes it around to the next one in our group. Of the 25 we took we
recovered 7. Of these 7 recoveries 3 deer were found still alive. That does not sound like a very good
percentage but there were reasons. We had 2 verified misses, 3 were the dog was having a bad day and just
never settled down and tracked and 13 that crossed property lines. The hunters did not know who owned the
property or they could not find someone to get permission from to enter the property. On these situations we
called the track at the property line.

One of our brightest moments did not result in a recovery but was a great track. The track was over 30 hrs old
when we started. We tracked 7/10 of a mile, crossed 2 large creeks and 1 smaller one with VERY little blood.
We came to a fence line and were just about to call it but the hunter went over the hill and located a house on
the other side of the pasture. While he was doing this I went back to look for more sign. I never did find
anymore and met the hunter back near where we had ended. I brought Baby back up to the fence and told her
to find. She went right back to work and pointed out blood only 15 yards across the line. She took us all the
way across the field and right up to the house and then turned and went back in the woods. We eventually had
to call the track when the deer crossed a road onto some property who the hunter did not know.
The smile on this hunters face is why we track