2005 Blood tracking
My tracking season has been real slow this year. We have only been on 3 easy finds for practice, 1 very long track 2.02
miles by the gps on a leg shot deer that ended in a recovery and 9 tracks that were no finds. The one find was an
awesome tracking job by Baby. Of the no finds one was just to verify that the hunter had just grazed the animal. No
blood only a little white hair with skin still attached. Another was a leg shot and the hunter was told we would not catch
up to the deer but he wanted to try anyway. He was hoping we would catch the deer bedded down and that he might get
another shot.  We tracked this deer for over a mile crossing a creek and an old woods road. The deer even doubled
back on his own track and with a little time Baby was able to work this out and continue the track. There  was very little
blood over this entire track. We also had one track that was 18 hrs old and tracked for close to 3/4 mile before crossing
the property line and we had to stop tracking. Two other tracks were long with no blood. One had only 1 spot of blood
right were the deer first laid down and then nothing for over a mile finally called it. The other was on a deer that was shot
at 264 yards. At first it looked like it was going to be a good track. Lots of blood first 30 yards then nothing but a drop or
2 over the next 70 yards then nothing. We tracked this deer for close to a mile with no blood before calling it. I got a call
from a local hunting preserve early in gun season about 8 hrs after the hit. I was told blood but only for the first 40
yards. When we got there the guy showed me were the deer was standing but no blood. He said first blood was about
50 yards down in the woods. I put Baby on it were it was standing when shot. She worked right down to the blood and
right on out the track. This deer was not hit bad. He keep criss crossing a gas line checking scrapes and going across
food plots looking for does.  We would find only a small spot of blood every 200-250 yards. After a mile plus of tracking
the hunter finally called it. Another track was for a guy who said he did not have blood  were the deer was standing. We
started at first blood and tracked the deer down a 15' embankment across the road and up probably a 20' embankment.
The deer had just about stopped bleeding at this point. We would just find a small spot here and there. We finally
started down hill and you could see were the deer had crossed a long and smeared blood on it.
(low hit) The deer made it into a small creek bottom were Baby lost it. She finally picked it back up but what I could not
tell at the time we were back tracking. Things look really different at night going back the same way you came in. When
we finally got to the truck I went back to were the deer was shot. Something I should have done first. The hunter said no
blood, but I was able to find blood, hair, and bone. The deer was probably shoot low in the brisket. The only bow shot
deer we got to track was with an expandable that did not open and only got about 12 inches of penetration on the

Even though this year has been poor as far as recoveries I can not complain about how Baby has worked. She has had
some very  difficult tracks and worked then as far as the hunter or I ask her too.
To the left you will see Baby's first find of 2005.
This deer traveled 2.02 miles with its front leg
about shot off.  We started tracking 6 hrs after
the deer was shot and it took us 1.2 hrs to track
the deer down. Baby was able to track this deer
across 3 creeks, a couple of fields, a food plot,
a couple of woods roads and several
switchbacks that this deer did to try to throw us
off its track. We were able to track it to were
when it jumped up the guide was able to finish
the deer off for the young boy who shot it.

Above you see Dan and Vars they reside in Miami, Fl.  Dan was  guiding and tracking in Illinois. They had an           
opportunity to do 21 tracks in a 5 week period. 2 shotgun and the rest bow hits. They recovered 6 deer and several of   
the deer they did not recover were seen again later in the season. Including one big buck shot by a bow hunter they
tracked for 2 miles and jumped twice that was shot 2 weeks later with a shotgun. There were also a few deer that were
tracked to the property lines and could not be continued because they did not have permission to be on that property.
Both of these dogs below were imported from Poland just this past spring(2005).
They are less than 8 months old and all ready working really good.
Mike and Acamar AKA Cooper
Auriga AKA Riga
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