Hillock Kennels
The home of top quality Bavarian Mountain Blood Hounds used for  
tracking game
VODKA z Lesnej Wsysp
also know as "Baby"
Born 4-15-03
Photo by Dr. James Grady
When the shot was "not so
good"  and the blood trail is
faint, a quality tracking dog
can make all the difference in
the world.
Here at Hillock Kennels (pronounced hil eck meaning a small
hill for we live at the top of a small hill) we are committed to
producing the highest quality tracking dogs by competing in
tracking test when they are available, and real world tracking
experience. Each year more and more states are allowing
dogs for blood tracking and recovery of wounded game such
as deer and bear. If you are thinking about getting involved
with blood tracking with dogs. I recommend you look at the dog
of choice for trackers and foresters of Europe  the scent
tracking specialist  know as Bavarian Mountain Blood hounds.
Always trust the Nose because the Nose knows
The Bavarian Mountain Blood hound is also known as the is, Bavarian Mountain Blood Dog ( which is the closest literal
Bavarian Mountain Blood hound is also known as the translation it has been pointed out to me that Blood hound
Bavarian Mountain  Scent Hound (this is what FCI's translation should be used in the of a link between the BGS or BMH
as it is commonly refereed to by those speaking English and the Bloodhound that most are familiar with. A lot of the
confusion translations of Gebirgsschweisshund. The full German name is Bayerische Gebirgsschweisshund. All Leash
hounds are descended from the original hunting dogs of Germany known as Bracken.  They have a well developed will
to follow a difficult trail. The Bavarian Mountain Blood Hounds ancestry can be traced to around 1870 when Baron
Karg-Bebenburg successfully crossed (Tiroler Bracke) to create a lighter blood tracking specialist. This created a more
agile dog for the mountains of Bavaria. At first sight, it is similar in appearance to the Hanoverian Blood hound, but is
shorter and finer boned than the latter. The only recognized club for the Bavarian Mountain Blood Hound was created
in 1912 in Munich, Germany.
The only recognized group in North America is the BGS-GNA which is a working group
associated with the parent club in Germany
Check to see if blood tracking is
allowed in your state
United Blood Trackers state regs.
Find a tracking dog anywhere in the
United States at UBT's
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Hillock Kennels

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Ken Parker
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Club for Bavarian Mountain Blood Hounds
Pups available from us or members of the BGS-GNA.
The KBGS in Germany has been very open to assisting us here in North America to get our group established.  As a
roup we have been able to import pups directly from Germany for our members.  All pups come with a proper
pedigree with all the proper stamps to ensure they are coming from working bloodlines and that the parents have
been fully tested before breeding. Our group has also been able to hold several Vorprüfung, the preliminary test. The
dogs that pass this test and meet other requirements are then eligible for breeding.
If you are interested in joining the
BGS-GNA please let me know. E
ach new pup we get becomes the bases for the future breeding program in this
country. Each dogs pedigree will be looked at before being allowed into the club to make sure that the paperwork is
correct. There are some dogs in this country
that have come from none working parents and/or puppy mills in
Europe. These are the type of dogs that we do not want in the club. This club will take a different mind set than most
Americans are use to.
We will follow the rules set forth by the KBGS, some of these are very strict rules and are in
to protect this great breed. I want to protect this breed thus the reason I pursued a relationship with the breed
club in Germany. If you are willing to accept these strict rules I welcome you to join BGS-GNA.

Germany Pictures
Important information about the BGS in the United States.
A Brief History of the Bavarian Mountain
Before you  import or purchase domestically a
BGS also called a BMH here in this country please
read my web page on questions to ask the
Breeder questions
There currently are no pups
In keeping with club rules
when pups do become available they
must go to members of the KBGS.
Mirko vom Jagersgrund
Born May 23 2009
Photo by Jolanta Jenenney
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Baby and Mirko waiting on Dinner.
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